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Understanding the Purpose and Goal of Norstrat

Understanding the Purpose and Goal of Norstrat

In today’s competitive environment every business needs to have the top notch strategy and planning to Survive in the competitive battle. It is not simple and you need to be an expert to take informed decisions. For this Purpose many companies seek legal and commercial assistance from some consulting companies. One such renowned consulting comapany is NORSTRAT. Not only private sector but Corporate companies, sometimes even government and military, approaches such organizations for assistance to aid their performances. In this article we will have an insight into Norstrat.


Norstrat deals with clients those require specified legal and commercial assistance when starting their business also want that Canadian Northern Strategy is taken into account. The company has been in the game for a decade now and deals with customers from Canada and United States. 

The company name NORSTRAT is composed of two words, Northern and Strategy. The sole purpose of this company is to works with private and government organizations supporting the Canadian Northern Strategy. 

NORSTRAT helps to grow and develop a business while also considering its goal. In simpler words, it help companies with advertising, planning strategies using various communication modes like PR and marketing. Ultimately helping in the brand development. To understand the company better, let us first understand what the Canadian Northern Strategy is. 

Canada’s northern strategy

The northern strategy, which was first executed by Canada is now known as Canada’s northern strategy. This technique was first used by the government of Canada in the year 2007, and it is now riding a wave of popularity in the world of business expansion. The implementation of the northern strategy was driven by four key goals in Canada, which are as follows:

  • Putting Arctic sovereignty into practice
  • Fostering growth in both the social and economic spheres
  • Safeguarding the natural heritage of the area
  • Enhancing Northern administration while also devolving authority.

Above are the 4 main principles of NORSTRAT, to achieve these goals this strategy came into existence. The Norstrat Corporation is highly skilled in the application of this approach across a wide range of industries.

Norstrat’s History

NORSTRAT was established with the primary objective of providing assistance to clients that are under a legal or contractual responsibility to carry out components of the Canadian Northern Strategy and have a particular business aim to achieve. In 1988, NORSTRAT Consulting was established by Lee Carson. He had previously worked as a principal consultant for the Department of Natural Resources of Canada before transitioning to a full-time consulting career. Since then, he has established himself as one of the most recognizable figures in the telecommunications and information technology sectors in North America.

His outstanding achievements have earned him a number of awards, including the Order of the British Empire (OTOE) from Queen Elizabeth II for his services to the Canadian telecommunications sector. 

His efforts have also earned him a place in the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. This includes working with Bell Canada as a telecom consultant and as an expert on the difficulties that are presented by communications and technology. 

In 2010 former members of the military personnel and workers from urban areas coordinated with the organization. The organization grew and expanded with time.

At the beginning, the most important aspect of it was to counsel with government and the armed forces. After that, it merged the interchanges consulting engagement with the computerized methods of the international portion of the common affiliations and online media business administrations.

Currently, the government contributes money to Norstrat so that it may continue to provide businesses guidance and suggestions on how to build a brand that is recognized and well-known. As a result of Lee Carson’s continued management of the company, it has been awarded more than $200 million in contracts from the Canadian government.

Why Do You Need Norstrat?

After you have an understanding of what Norstrat is, you might be wondering why there was a need for a corporation of this kind.

In order to assist not only the corporate sector but also the government offices in the process of putting the Northern Strategy into effect in its many facets, Norstrat was established. In addition, there was a need to provide the necessary support to a brand or business in developing the area using the talents that they already possess.

In general, it was required since it would supply the necessary skills to a variety of departments, including Public Affairs, Marketing Communication, Corporate Communication, Media Relation, and Research and Intelligence Services, among others.

Norstrat’s areas of expertise

The Norstrat is an expert in putting northern strategy into action, and the company has a nearly perfect success record in both the execution of their strategy and the expansion of their business. Now is the time to find out where the Norstrat’s areas of specialization are, so be ready for that!

  • Expertise in the Development of Businesses:

As a result of Norstrat’s success in the expansion of the federal government, the company was ranked first in terms of overall business growth. They have operational plans that are both creative and original, and they have achieved overall administrative development.

  • Project Management expertise:

Since the Norstrat has been involved successfully in a wide variety of projects over the course of the last several years, they are specialists in the administration of projects.

  • Expertise Concentrated on Capital Projects:

As a result of the Norstrat’s success in completing the radarsat constellation mission as well as Radarsat II and the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel, they are considered to be specialists in the field of Focused Capital Project.

These are the fields in which they are most knowledgeable, and in addition to that, they provide a variety of educational programs such as programs for leadership development, workshops for professional development, programs for business coaching, and programs for executive coaching.

The Objective/Mission Statement of Norstrat

Each and every company has an overarching purpose or objective. The following is a list of Norstrat’s missions:

  • Provide assistance to businesses and brands in establishing and maintaining the image they want to project.
  • Since it is all-encompassing and is comprised of four distinct components, the Northern Strategy becomes partners with a wide variety of professionals to help you achieve your objective.
  • While providing assistance to either the government or private customers, it has the sole intention of achieving its overarching mission, which is to participate in the Northern Strategy.
  • It focuses on the initiatives that the Canadian government is responsible for supporting, and it assists and cautions new offshore firms with the development of their systems.
  • It has personnel who are actively involved in the process of producing new advancements and administration, and these people assist clients with a variety of newly created and existing benefits.
  • In general, it aspires to be at the forefront of the information security industry and assist businesses with product creation and development.

Services Norstrat Provides

  • Offers the most helpful guidance and support that can be obtained in accordance with the requirements of the customers.
  • Offers project management help
  • Contributes to the training of the process involved in the strategic business development
  • Offers support with the administration of catches and bids
  • Defines procurement strategy
  • Specific requirements for operational tasks
  • Contributes to the definition of the project Offers advice and guidance on the subject area
  • Offers direction and advice on a strategic level with reference to Northern Strategy Campaign plan
  • Gives customers access to an extensive range of communication management services
  • Clients are given advice on how to establish additional brands.
  • Community-based networks of shading and employment opportunities for the populace

Training Programs Offered by NorStrat

Norstrat provides its employees with a variety of educational opportunities, including the following:

  • Leadership training and education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Workshops for the advancement of professionals
  • Instructional Programs for Franchise Businesses

Trainees who participate in these programs get assistance in learning how to make educated decisions about their professional futures and other elements of their businesses

What advantages does Norstrat provide to an individual?

Norstrat will act as a guide, counselor, and advisor to you as you navigate key moments that are necessary for the growth of your firm and will have an impact on your whole future.

They will choose an expert for you who has the necessary understanding about the Northern Strategy based on the stakeholders’ skills site, company image, and how it may grow inside Northern Canada without going against the Northern Strategy for the goal that you desire to accomplish.


As Norstrat is a consulting firm operating in the Management Consulting sector of the Business Services market, the advice and assistance it provides to clients is the primary focus of the business. One person got the ball rolling, and then other members of the Army and workers of the government stepped in to ensure that businesses adhere to the Northern Strategy so that the developed nation may go even further. The necessary actions are carried out by the organization in order to provide assistance to its customers with the formulation of strategies and plans. In general, Norstrat is the company you should go to if you require consultation about your company since it does not have any competition and is the most successful company in its industry..