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Why Wouldn’t any Car Accident Lawyer Take My Case?

Why Wouldn’t any Car Accident Lawyer Take My Case?

There are several instances when hiring a car accident lawyer can make and break your case. Everyone including the experts emphasizes that you should hire an attorney without any second thoughts. However, you might be surprised to know that these professionals may not accept your case even after listening to your story and grieving. If the car accident in Queens is not valid, no lawyer will accept the case. Before hiring or contacting any lawyer, you should understand these scenarios and act accordingly.

You don’t have any injury

In case, your injuries are not severe or you lack injuries at all, it is just a waste of time and energy to contact an attorney. You might feel that your injuries are worthy of getting more compensation. However, the attorney might not accept your case if he believes that your injuries are minor and not good enough to file a lawsuit or claim. The reason is that the lawyer will not be able to make your case stronger if injuries and evidence don’t support it.

The place of the accident is out of state

If you have met with an accident in some other state, the car accident attorney may refuse to take your case. This is because it comes under another state’s jurisdiction. After coming back home, you took the medical treatment and the medical bills need to be paid. You decide to meet an attorney and file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. If you have met with an accident somewhere else and now, you seek legal support in your home state, the attorney might not take up your case. Moreover, the car accident laws may vary from one state to another.

A complex car accident case

One reason why an attorney won’t take up your case is that the case is too complex. For instance, if the case has multiple liable parties and coverage issues, the attorney will not like to take up the case because he believes that it might be a waste of time and energy for him. Additionally, some cases require thorough investigations by the police, mediation services, reviews, and witness statements. If the case seems too complicated, the attorney may not take it up and simply refuse it in the first meeting.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is recommended to meet a car accident attorney before you take any decision in relation to your claim. He can give more details in a legal manner.