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All you need to know about Masako Katsura

All you need to know about Masako Katsura

At a time when males were the only ones who played the game, Masako Katsura established herself as a world-class billiards player. Thereby billiards is just what made her famous, there has been more to her story than the game. She became so skilled at the game that she was given the moniker “First woman of billiards.” She began playing billiards when she was 14 years old. In 1913 on march 7  Katsura was born in Tokyo. Her mother watched over her as she grew up, especially after the time her father gave her away. Meanwhile, Katsura’s mother advised her to play some pool.

I was weak and exhausted all the time, Katsura admitted. My mother urged me to play pool so I could get exercise and get stronger. In the 1920s throughout Tokyo, billiards rooms were very common. Katsura’s brother-in-law had one. After learning how to use a cue, Katsura became a master at the game. It didn’t take Katsura long to begin practicing each day exercising at the billiard hall.

Masako katsura age, lifestyle, weight, and height

Katsura was born in Tokyo in 1913 on march 7. The early years of Katsura in Japan are not well recognized. Though we have some information about her from our sources. When she was 12 years old her parents died and she started living with her elder sister. Before knowing the reason for Masako Katsura’s death we should know more about her lifestyle. By the age 13 she started going to the Billiard room, and after one year she joined there as a billiard attendant. From this time, she starts learning all the things of billiards and later she becomes the first and famous lady of billiards.

 The height of Masako Katsura is about 1.52 meters. This height hasn’t been verified, though. Her body weight has not been determined. It is still unknown what size Masako is. Additionally, nothing is known regarding the shade of her hair or eyes. Masako Katsura was 82 years old when she faced her death. Masako Katsura’s cause of death was cardiac arrest while traveling back to Japan.

Her marriage details: –

In 1947, she was impressed by an U.S. citizen named Vernon Greenleaf, who was a sergeant in the America’s army, and served in the army for a long 22 years. After a good relationship with him through three years, they married each other on 30th November 1950.

Ethnicity of Masako Katsura:

Masako Katsura, known as “Katsy” and occasionally referred to as the “First Female of Billiards,” was a popular Japanese carom billiards player during the 1950s. By participating and setting some of the top records in the male-dominated world of professional billiards, Katsura paved the path for women in the sport. Katsura, Japan’s best-known female specialist player, first learned the sport from her brother-in-law before studying with eastern champion Kinrey Matsuyama. She won second place three times in the national three-cushion billiards tournament of the United States while competing in Japan. She received recognition at the exhibition for running 10,000 points throughout the heterosexual rail sport. In the world of billiards in the 90s everyone was well-known for Masako katsura billiards.

The career of Masako Katsura:

Katsura was sent to compete in events with Japanese male athletes when her sport began to advance. She started traveling with her sisters to events in China, Japan, and Taiwan at the age of 15, playing like a pro. Her career in the pool was furthered by her meeting Kinney Matsuyama in 1937. He gave her advice on information and how to develop into a better-stage professional in the pool game.

The second world war made Katsura’s career in athletics more difficult, she researched alternative strategies to improve it once the war was finished. She began playing with American soldiers right away, and as a result, her popularity quickly spread throughout the world. In 1951, Katsura emigrated to California and started playing pool there. However, America altered to being overwhelmingly male and removed the female participation component from the game. She made history mostly in the 1952 international three-cushion billiards competition and was the first woman to win it.

But she did not stop there. She won the “three cousin championship” in Japan multiple times. In 1934 she also won the U.S. national championship, and has been in the runners up position three times.

Books written by Katsura about pools were distributed in Japan. In 1961, the sector three-cushion championship competition was no longer staged because of a decline in spectator interest. The Japanese fantastic agreed to compete in a circuit that attracted attention from all corners of the world at Harold Worst’s request. Worst had been the champion since 1954. Unfortunately, in her seven fights with Worst, Katsura lost six of them. Even in exhibition suits, she maintained a low-key appearance just after play and ceased to be as visible.

Net worth of Masako Katsura:

Up to date details about Masako Katsura’s cars, earnings, lifestyle, and other financial matters. Based entirely on sources on the internet (Wikipedia, Google search, Yahoo seek), Masako Katsura is predicted to have an estimated net worth of $6,000,000 and is famous as the pool Masako Katsura. There isn’t enough information available on Masako Katsura’s lifestyle or cars. But don’t worry if we get any information related to these, we will surely update it on the website, and we are researching daily to find it.


Most persons who pass away are usually removed from records and memories, however, people are still living. Even after so much time has passed, people like Masako Katsura are still remembered. She is an object that gained notoriety in the preceding century before disappearing during the same period. She is most well-known, though, for her remarkable billiards performances. She represented women from all corners of the world at a conference on international sports. That explains why so many people remember her and appreciate her to the utmost.