Home Entertainment Billie Eilish New Hair, Showed Off Her Newly Dyed Hair

Billie Eilish New Hair, Showed Off Her Newly Dyed Hair

Billie Eilish New Hair

Billie Eilish New Hair, Showed Off Her Newly Dyed Hair: After going platinum blonde earlier this year, Billie Eilish showed off her newly dyed hair. The time has come to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.

Billie Eilish New Hair, Showed Off Her Newly Dyed Hair

Billie Eilish New Hair

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Billie Eilish is preparing for a new year by going back to her dark roots as the clock ticks toward midnight. In caption of an Instagram photo of her brunette hair, the 19-year-old singer asked if anyone was missing her.

With the caption, “guess what,” Billie posted a picture of just her hairline to her Instagram Story.

If the Grammy winner’s fans are believe, they’re in love with her new dark hairstyle. Her fans are in awe of her new look, as evidenced by the adoring emojis they used to caption her photo.

It was described as “insane” by Billie’s brother Finneas’s girlfriend, Claudia Sulewski.


The pop star open up to Vanity Fair about the impact her appearance has on her self-esteem before making this shocking announcement.

Previously, her jet-black hair with neon green tips, which was published in an interview on Nov. 30, made her feel like she was too noticeable in public.

After a long period of feeling like she is unable to leave her house or go anywhere else, she is deciding to change her mindset.

“I couldn’t go to a park or get a cup of coffee because it scared me. In the last year, however, I’ve begun to open up about it.”

“I was like, ‘I only want to be seen if I look like myself,'” she said, “and it wasn’t just my hair.” As a result, “normal” clothing is something I never wear.”

Her brunette hair is proof that the adolescent is now more at ease in her own skin.


When Billie and Finneas performed at the Grammys in March, she decided to give up her unusual hair colours. Hence hairstylist Lissa Renn worked with her to complete the transformation, which she estimated took six weeks.

“When done correctly, the process has a tangible feel to it. It took six weeks and strict adherence to my haircare regimen for her to get rid of all the black on her ends without damaging it.

She posted a picture of the finished product on Instagram with the caption, “[fire emoji].”

With her new look, she’s proving that brunettes can have just as much fun as light skinned girls.

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