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Bonchon Chiken, This New Type Chicken Takes America By Strom

Bonchon Chiken, This New Type Chicken Takes America By Strom

Bonchon Chiken, This New Type Chicken Takes America By Strom: Hey guys, today I am sharing somje useful information about bonchon chiken. This article tells you why it became hit. May this information helps you.

Bonchon Chiken, This New Type Chicken Takes America By Strom

Bonchon Chiken


But none of the poultry appendages are as popular as in South Korea, where several large chains are specialised in a single Korean style fried wing.

Buffalo claims to have created the chicken wing, as we know it. Some have become so big that they have met the Pacific, the most dramatic of them being Bonchon.

An explosive concept that was only launched in South Korea four years later and now has almost 40 US locations plus around 100 more across Asia and the Middle East.

In 9 states, and add to the District of Columbia, you can get your Bonchon fix, especially North East, Middle Atlantic, and California.

Bonchon is a little uniquely in the not-so-fast casual category, with both Chipotle and Moe’s feeling, but also full sit-down waiter. All food is ordered, so it is not fast to go, but in large wing platters that can be ordered in advance they make a large business.

It has a smart, modern interior, with strong wooden tables and chrome stuffed chairs. Amazingly stylize, the presentation is serving in a paper cone and in a large, sizzling, attractive, hot stone bowl with a traditional Korean bimbap.

It has also a far bigger menu than chicken and is a Korean wing restaurant. Unlike most other Bonchon restaurants, bars are available and beer is served in drawers and flasks on many places.

Reason For Visiting

Bonchon chicken, rice cakes, takoyaki, bimbap Bulgaria Sliders,

The Food

the chicken of Bonchon is not a replacement for traditional hot wings in Buffalo, but a completely different creature. It breads but has a crunchy paper shell, using a double-fry cooking method.

They are all coat with two signature saucers, soya garlic or spicy, the latter make up with korean gochugaru or with ground, dry red chilli peppers for a sweet, smoky spicy finish. Everyone is truly half a wing, with a choice of drummets, or with the portion of a wing bone.

Only wings, just drummers, or more prepare comboes, also order and all of them are making up with sauce or for variation, half and half, which I really like with the menu.

It’s easy on the solo dinner, but also great for sharing, with the main floor or appetiser wings.


The quality of it, is very high, and both the wing sauces are make up in Seoul’s main factory in all the Bonchon outlets worldwide, so the taste is very consistent.

It takes 20-30 minutes to cook the wings, but it’s worth waiting. They have a more crispy crust than bread, and a very large meaty bag, almost the size of smaller drum rods, so every bit of bread has a lot of juicy chicken.

Attraction Of Wings

The wings are the main attraction, but many other good things we can also try. The takoyaki is must, if only because you seldom have a pulp at casual restaurants.

It has dough chips, described as fried octopus dumplings with a mid, round, golf ball, with very light, airy dough and a drizzle of Japanese okonomiyaki, a thick, rich brown sauce used in Japanese cabbage pancakes.

They are very light, light and colourful. They finish with dried flakes of fish, and it’s worth trying something that you don’t see every day.


The bulgogi is also the most interesting course for delicious sliders, a trio of small burger rolls that form meat into patties with sliced cucumbers, pickled, red onion and coalescents.

A very tasty and texturally combination which reminds us of the pork pulled with crushy slaves in south Carolina except for Asian beef.. The Bulgogi is as well as available in main course.

Rice cakes, which are small cylindrical logs of chewy rice dough are another offbeat specialty. A sort of Korean gnocchi comes in a few dishes, one with mixed seafood and one with chicken, cheese and scallions, in hot sweat as well as among the most spicy dishes on the menu.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Bonchon has two restaurants in one, a specialist wing and a Korean restaurant, all disguised quickly and casually. It is a very good job for a streamlined chain, but prices are much more similar to the traditional full-service restaurant.

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