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Felicity Arrow, Better Than Oliver Queen For Laurel Lance And Felicity Smoak

Felicity Arrow

Felicity Arrow, Better Than Oliver Queen For Laurel Lance And Felicity Smoak: As a love interest for Felicity and Laurel, Oliver’s flaws made him an unsuitable choice for both of them.

Felicity Arrow, Better Than Oliver Queen For Laurel Lance And Felicity Smoak

Felicity Arrow

Criticism | Felicity Arrow

Arrow’s later seasons have been criticised by fans for beginning their downward spiral after the Olicity couple tied the knot. That many believe was the beginning of the show’s demise.

The bad romance between Oliver Queen and his former IT girl was not entirely Felicity’s fault if we put show quality aside.

For both Felicity and Laurel, Oliver’s character flaws made him an unsuitable romantic partner.

They deserved better than Oliver could ever provide. Despite the fact that Oliver’s characterization in the comics can be justified.

His characterization meant that the leading ladies of Star City always took second place to the city itself.

For What Reasons Is Laurel Lance Worthier Than Oliver Queen?

The name of Dinah Laurel Arrowverse Lance is introduce in the show’s pilot episode. As if she were meant to be a comic book character’s counterpart in the Arrowverse.

This pedigree didn’t stop the show’s showrunners from downplaying Laurel. As Oliver’s primary love interest in the wake of initial criticism. That resulted in Laurel becoming a secondary character.

However, given Oliver’s treatment of Laurel, it was for the best. When they were dating, Oliver had an affair with her twice.

In the first case, a child was born to Laurel without Oliver’s knowledge. In the second, Laurel had an affair with her own sister Sara.

Later, after returning, he withheld important information from her, even though he claimed she was the person he loved most at the time.

To her ironic displeasure, the Starling City vigilante became her archenemy. After she became the Black Canary, Oliver still didn’t respect the growth.

She had experienced and even her death didn’t inspire Oliver with any strong emotion.

Oliver realised in Season 5 that Tommy Merlyn was a much better match for Laurel when he has a dream in which he engage to her. Tommy Merlyn’s death in the Season 1 finale ended Laurel’s hopes of finding a long-term love interest.

There Is No Way You Can Possibly Succeed In This, Felicity | Felicity Arrow

For some viewers, Felicity’s eccentricity began to wear thin as the show progressed and her role increased in prominence. Once they started dating.

The Green Arrow and the Black Canary fandom has a hard time accepting their relationship because they are so use to seeing them as a couple.

Even so, Felicity endured a harrowing courtship and marriage to Oliver Queen marked by mistreatment.

Oliver Queen sacrificed everything for the greater good of Star City, even his own family. With Felicity and his son William, Oliver’s enemies began to target him as a family man, including Ricardo Diaz.

Adding to that the fact that Felicity has a much more passive role in Oliver’s life after their marriage due to his penchant for “secrets and lies.”

After Oliver’s death in the line of duty, she is left to raise her daughter, Mia Queen, by herself.

Ray Palmer will have a better match for Felicity because he truly care about her and put their relationship first. It was much more equal partnership when they work together in his company.

Oliver’s transformation from a digital errand girl to trophy wife in distress is strikingly similar to hers.

A lot of its female characters, especially those connect to Oliver Queen, are left hanging by Arrow’s writers.

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