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Flacks Painting, Biography Of Audrey Flack

Flacks Painting, Biography Of Audrey Flack

Flacks Painting, Biography Of Audrey Flack: Audrey Flack born on May 30, 1931. Most of her work is in painting and sculpture and is considered pop art or photorealism.

Flacks Painting, Biography Of Audrey Flack

Flacks Painting

Introduction | Flacks Painting

Flack was born in 1931 in Washington Heights, in northern Manhattan. Hence she attended the High School of Music and Art as a teen. Her formal art education start in 1948 at New York’s Cooper Union.

Flack stayed until 1951, when he was recruited to Yale by German-American artist Josef Albers (who was then in charge of Yale’s art department).

To Realism

First, Flack’s work in the 1950s was clearly inspired by the abstract expressionists. Her “kitschiness” was self-aware and ironic. With time, she began to feel that her abstract expressionist style was not achieving an important goal.

That is  communicating with audiences. Flack began moving towards realism to create art that was more clear to viewers.

She joined the Art Students League (ASL). Where she studied anatomy with Robert Beverly Hale. Also found inspiration in older artists rather than more contemporary movements.

Her work shifted from “New Realism” to photorealism. Where an artist attempts to reproduce a photograph as realistically as possible in a different medium.

Enhanced Power

In some cases, Flack’s work depicted historical events rather than still lifes. Her most outreaching works is Kennedy Motorcade, November 22, 1963. That depicts a scene from President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

The social and political commentary in her historical paintings was frequent. Her still life paintings, for example, often included commentary on gender roles and constructs.

Modern Art

Flack received many commissions in the 1990s and 2000s. She is once commission to create a statue of Catherine of Braganza. The British queen who inspired the Queens borough in New York City. Hence these two statues (complete in 2006-2008) recently commission and install in Nashville, Tennessee.

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