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Google Pixel Phone | New Google Phone With New Features

Google Pixel Phone	| New Google Phone With New Features

Google Pixel Phone | New Google Phone With New Features: Our top list of telephones we continually update to ensure that you choose the best smartphone for your needs. Our new number one selector is Google Pixel 5. Also, you need to take into account Google Pixel 4a.

We have the best choice, but we don’t all hunt for the same smartphone characteristics. Some require an iMessage from Apple and a FaceTime system. It implies that they continue with iOS 14 phones, while others want endless personalizations and a Google Assistant available in Android 11.

Your plan of choice may also affect your preference, in particular, because some carriers often offer very favorable dealings with cell phones for select phones, whereas others do not.

Nearly all prices for smartphones have fallen by up to – and above – $1,000, so you want to decide seriously. In all telephone reviews, we are here to support you.

5G telephones grow increasingly vital, and one day foldable phones will become a huge deal. Furthermore, keep in mind that a list of gadgets, such as Samsung’s, set to launch in the next 12 months might substantially alter the year.

Google Pixel Phone | New Google Phone With New Features

Google Pixel 5

Top Cameras Still And Some Strange New Features

google pixel 5 front back


  • Release Date: October 2020
  • Weight: 325 g
  • Size: 144.7mm x 70.4mm x 8mm.
  • OS: 11 Android
  • Wallpaper size: 5″
  • Settlement: 2340 x 1080
  • CPU: Snapshot 765G
  • RAM: 5GB
  • Stocking: 128GB
  • Battery : 4000mAh
  • Rear camera: 16MP + 12MP
  • Back camera: 8MP
  • See to price: 62,850

Reasons to Buy 

  • The camera software is better than ever 
  • The metal case is a refreshing change from glass 

Reasons to Avoid

  • No telephoto 
  • Middling night photography 

Know More:

In October, it unveiled the Google Pixel 5 with some improvements over the Pixel 4 — but less. Yes, the Pixel 5 is a somewhat different path as Google cuts make the pixels just like the iPhone 12 small and OnePlus 8T an ‘accessible flagship.’ However, several substantial improvements make the Pixel 4 XL a better phone to replace on this list.

Why the eleventh is it: The Pixel 5 is powerful enough and still has a great camera, but it is less complex than the competition with certain removed functions. Google’s prowess in photo optimization makes this phone an excellent pick for photographers, but it’s not enough to propel it into the top half of the rankings. On the other hand, its incredibly tiny bezels make it a shockingly compact phone, ideal for individuals who like to text one-handed.

Screen: The Pixel 5 has a 6-inch Full HD Plus (1080 x 2340) screen with a 90Hz refresh rate for better app browsing and gaming. The Pixel 4’s solid black bar has been replaced with a punch-hole – no Soli depth sensors or even facial recognition, but at least there’s more screen space. Colors are vibrant on the OLED display, and the two front-facing speakers make it a helpful streaming device.

Battery life: The Pixel 4’s battery troubles are no longer an issue: one of the main reasons we replaced the Pixel 4 XL with the Pixel 5 is that the latter’s 4,080mAh battery lasts more than a day, addressing the former phone’s biggest flaw. Otherwise, it’s unremarkable, with a maximum charging power of 18W fast charging and 12W wireless charging – which, strangely, still works through the all-metal rear shell.

Camera: The Pixel 5’s cameras are its most appealing feature. On the back, the 12.2MP sensor, along with Google’s excellent software optimization, produces outstanding images in most settings, while the additional 16MP ultra-wide sensor provides respectably broad fields of view. Best of all, the Night Sight feature has been enhanced, and it can now take photos of the heavens using the Astrophotography function.

Google Pixel 4a

latest Mid-Range Stunner Of Google

Google pixel 4a


  • Release date: August 2020
  • Weight: 143g
  • OS: Android 10
  • Screen size: 5.81-inch
  • Resolution: 2340×1080
  • CPU: Snapdragon 730
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Battery: 3,140mAh
  • Rear camera: 12.2MP
  • Front camera: 8MP
  • See the price: 35800

Reasons to Buy

  • Great price for features
  • Good camera software
  • 3.5mm jack

Reasons to Avoid 

  • The battery barely lasts a day
  • Polycarbonate plastic back

Google Pixel 4A is now replacing our favorite 2019 mid-range phone. However, it retains several excellent qualities that make the Pixel 3a shine: special camera software, clean Android interface, 3.5mm headphone port, and excellent pricing. For people wanting more for their money, this is an excellent selection.

It is 13th: Plenty can happen in one year, and 2020 introduced the iPhone SE 2020 with improved battery to a competitive mid-range market. Unfortunately, the competition also highlights more of the deficiencies of Pixel 4a, from lower battery life to a polycarbonate plastic case. If equally expensive telephones have metal and glass bodies. Moreover, there’s no XL version, a bummer for anyone that desires more excellent real estate screens.

Screen: The Pixel 4a sports a 5.8-inch OLED screen that is good for people who love larger screens but is a little undersized. The edge-to-edge display is again considerably more prominent than the 4.7″ screen of the iPhone SE 2020 and its thick bottom and top bezels.

Battery life: The Pixel 4a’s 3,140mAh battery isn’t tiny, but its battery life isn’t spectacular, with only single-digit percentages of charge remaining at the end of the day on occasion. Mainly when comparable inexpensive smartphones, such as the Moto G8 series, start at 4,000mAh.

The Google Pixel 4a retains its single 12.2MP f/1.7 back camera, but it works near-miracles when combined with Google’s software. Not only does this enable excellent night photography and portrait mode. Also, you can add depth to photos after they’ve been captured. Additionally, the phone inherits the Pixel 4’s astrophotography capability, which captures stunning images of starlit skies. The 8MP front-facing camera is unremarkable, but it makes use of the software as well.

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