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Hair Plugs | What Are Hair Plugs, and Are They Still Used Today?

Hair Plugs

Hair Plugs | What Are Hair Plugs, and Are They Still Used Today?: Hair plugs are an early kind of hair transplantation that employed plug grafts to fill bald spots. These early transplants used “plugs” (round portions of skin and hair follicles). Punched out of the back of the head by surgeons during their operations. A surgeon would put these plugs. Which were roughly 4 millimetres in diameter (0.16 inches), into balding areas of your scalp.

Hair Plugs | What Are Hair Plugs, and Are They Still Used Today?

Hair Plugs

Is It Still Common Practise To Use Hair Plugs?

It have been phased out in favour of the more recent FUT and FUE procedures due to advancements in technology. Many advantages come with the newest procedures, including as shorter surgery times, reduced scarring, and more natural outcomes.

A lot of time spent on hair transplants in the past. A study from 1971Trusted Source claims that the technique for deep hairline recession takes 16 weeks to complete.

Modern processes, on the other hand, can be completed in anywhere from four to eight hours.

Modern Hair Transplant Treatments Vs. Hair Plugs

FUT and FUE are the two most frequently used procedures. Both of these methods transplant individual hair folliclesTrusted Source that typically contain one to four hairsTrusted Source each.

FUT Vs. Hair Plugs: Which Is Better?

By the early 2000s, It have been superseded by the FUT procedure, which first appeared in the scientific literature in 1995.

It is done through cutting a strip of skin from your scalp and then extracting the follicles, which is the FUT method. Individual follicles will then transplant into balding areas.

With smaller hair, surgeons can’t achieve the same level of naturalness as they can with individual follicle transplants.

To get a lot of new hair, FUT is often preferred to FUE. As a result, FUT surgery is typically less expensive and faster than FUE.

FUE Vs. Hair Implants

Instead than slicing off a piece of your scalp, FUE removes individual follicles instead. FUE is now the most widely used hair transplant procedure, and it offers several advantages over and FUT, including the following:

  • a more rapid recovery
  • pain and scars are lessened
  • lower hair densities can benefit from this treatment

During most hair transplant procedures, you’ll be required to shave some of your hair off. Non-shaven hair can still be used for the most advanced FUE techniqueTrusted Source.

Hair Plugs Vs. Hair Transplants Using Stem Cells

They are with stem cells are performed by extracting a small sample of skin from the scalp and growing new hair follicles in a laboratory.

The effectiveness, prospective benefits, and safety of these operations are currently being studied by researchers in 2021. However, they may become more widely available in the near future.

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