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How a Content Writing Agency Finds Good Writers?


As a content writing agency, your biggest goal is to find the most suited writers for the job. There are several niches that you own for which need people who can work on the pieces. 

However, finding a writer can be called a tough job, with several people turning to this profession. Here are a few ways to train beginners and hire the best writers for your niche. 

What type of writer do you need?

You need someone who can convert a question into a beautiful and informative answer. You have copywriters and journalists who fall into this category. They already know the fundamentals of research. Journalists question a lot, before they begin writing. Research is core to their job. As a result, they fit the requirements perfectly. If you offer content writing tips for beginners to the journalist, they will fit into your niche seamlessly. Copywriters, too, can be trained to write copies for your business.

With their basic understanding of writing and research, they can dive deeper into your niche.

Where will you find your writers?

The second most important question you need answered is where to find the ideal writer? You are most likely to find them through references. See if someone has worked with a writer that you need for the particular job.

As a content writing agency you can use your network, to seek references for the job. If you are not too sure about references you can look into social media sites. You can ask in your groups or cold call writers through DMs on LinkedIn. 

If you want, you can post a requirement for your job on the content writer job board. They will be able to help you. In case you are looking for writers as an individual business owner, you can look at content writing platforms too. There are several places where you are likely to find the right writer for your job

How to assess the candidate?

As a content writing agency or business, you don’t know straightaway if the writer is fit for your job. You can ask them to send in their resume, work portfolio and links to live articles.

It is a good idea to have a general discussion with the writer before formalizing the conversation via interview. Before you give them an assignment or even make them tackle the job, you should converse with them. it will help know the writer better, and understand their performance. 

Don’t just grab the sample, check for edits and hire them. You should have one more conversation with the candidate regarding the sample. If they have written something on the topic, ask them why they chose to write this. What did they understand from this topic?

What were their opinions? Basically, make them take you through the content piece in detail. It will give you a better understanding of how they work and what makes their writing better. 

Offer them Substance

Before you even give out the sample, give them some reading material. Ask them to go through things before they can work on the content. If possible, you can also talk to them about your requirements. It will make a pleasant conversation. They will know you are ready to help them if they are stuck with a sample writeup.

When sharing your feedback, ensure it is constructive and includes relevant points. For instance, if you believe a paragraph was missing, tell them why it was essential. If you feel they could have done it better, don’t say that; instead tell them what is better and what you are expecting. 

Conclude the discussion by telling them what would have made the writeup better. It will help them understand why you are hiring or not hiring them.

Help them with the Structure

As they are new to your organization, and know next to nothing about the niche, you need to help. Give them a proper structure of the article. Talk to them about how they need to create the content. Share your views on the content structure, the movement of the content and how they can create frictionless content. 

You need to check how they take feedback and what makes them work better.

According to content marketing Services agency, every writer has a different technique and method. You should work on improving their skills, offer tips and structure your feedback.