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Love After Lockup | The Reality Television Series

Love After Lockup | The Reality Television Series

Love After Lockup | The Reality Television Series: The reality television series Love After Lockup follows the lives of recently released felons and their significant others. It debuted on We TV on January 12, 2018.  

Couples meet their convict fiancés upon their release from prison and embark on their journey to the altar. Will their love survive once they are locked up, despite dazzling firsts, devastating family drama, secrets, and lies, or is it all a con?

Love After Lockup | The Reality Television Series

Love After Lockup

In a Love After Lockup Supertease: Season 3 Couples Who Found Love Behind Bars

They may be imprisoned, but that doesn’t stop them from falling in love. On June 18, WE tv viewers will meet the six new couples featured in the upcoming season of Love After Lockup, which follows people who finally get and after they are freed from prison, to meet their convict fiancés in person.

The couples appear to be happily in love and eager to marry in the season 3 super tease. Which PEOPLE exclusively premiered — that is until their significant other is freed and finally together in the real world. From worried family members to lies and secrets, the couples — whose love stories began on Facebook and a pen pal website, among others — will discover whether romances that began behind bars can survive after release.

Nicolle And Daonte

Daonte is known for his quick falls and intense love, but Nicolle isn’t Daonte’s first inmate. Before Nicolle, Daonte fell in love with an inmate and spent so much money on her that he moves back to his mother. Before going to prison, Nicolle led wildlife and was known as a party girl.

Doug And Rachel

Rachel’s new love met with her, Write a prisoner, and she believes that the charm is the third time after two previous prison relations. He was in prison and never had sex. Rachel and Doug married while he was in jail. Doug, since he was 18 years old, who’s been both in and out of prison. He has an 11-year-old son on whom Rachel thinks he is too soft—and wants to shape his family when he gets released.

Josh And Courtney

During her time as a corrections lieutenant, Courtney fell madly in love with inmate Josh. When their relationship was discovered, Courtney was fired, jailed, and is still on probation. Courtney and Josh married in prison not long after, allowing her to pursue the romance further.

Ray And Britney

Britney comes from a prosperous family who has high expectations for her future partner. Britney’s current relationship, however, has the potential to derail everything. She’s dating an inmate she met on Facebook. Ray had a difficult life. His mother’s death threw him into a tailspin. Ray was eventually imprisoned for drug trafficking. Britney is eager to marry and, at the age of 32, believes she is ready.

Jeffrey And Anissa

Anissa and Jeffrey met ten years ago on a pen pal website, and after a few letters, to phone calls, their exclusive relationship began. Or so she thought. Anissa has poured her heart and soul into the relationship, both emotionally and financially. Jeff suppose to release Anissa twice before, but both times he failed to appear, leaving her friends to wonder if Jeff is even honest.

Lisa And Stan

Stan is a vivacious retired millionaire. After his wife’s death in 2012, he does what any wealthy man in his position should do: he went on a date with an attractive young woman. Stan and Lisa met on a dating site called Seeking Arrangements in 2017 and only met in person once before Lisa was arrested. They reconnected after about a year and a half, while she was still incarcerated, and fell in love again

Season 4 of ‘Love After Lockup’ – Sneak Peek And What’s Next?

WEtv has renewed Love After Lockup for a fourth season. The new season gives security of plenty of drama for fans looking for more jailhouse love stories, with an all-new cast that includes a couple who met on Facebook, a millionaire, and a former corrections Lieutenant. Rachel and Doug, who met on the Write a Prisoner website, are another new couple on Love After Lockup. Rachel had previously dated inmates, but it did not work out. When he gets out, Doug knows exactly what he wants. Rachel stated that he desires “b**bies, booze, bologna.” Rachel stated that Doug has a lot of rules, which she enjoys.

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