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Patricia Trotter | Grand Prize Award Winner Who’s 85 Years Old

Patricia Trotter | Grand Prize Award Winner Who’s 85 Years Old

Patricia Trotter | Grand Prize Award Winner Who’s 85 Years Old: She is a queen who walks in the manner of a commoner, a Tom Brady who could pass as a special teamer. Patricia Trotter will spend the weekend on the east bank of the Hudson River at the epicentre of the country’s second-longest continually running sporting event. And she wants all attention to be on occasion, not on her 85-year-old, record-breaking self. Trotter describes the Westminster Dog Show. As a “Super Bowl-World Series Combination.” Hundreds of dog shows are present, but only one is in Westminster.

Patricia Trotter | Grand Prize Award Winner Who’s Really 85 Years Old

Patricia Trotter

Best Judging Work In The Dog-Show world

Trotter, a middle school history teacher from Carmel, California, will be the Westminster Dog Show’s best-in-show judge, one of the most jealous judging jobs in the dog show industry. The Westminster Kennel Club’s flagship event will not hold in Madison Square Garden for the first time since its inception in 1877, instead of moving 25 miles north to Lyndhurst. Historic riverfront home in the village of Tarrytown — a site modification made by WKC administrators to allow for an outdoor event.

The green estate grounds will now be dots with large white tents, as will more than 2,500 canine competitors, including four new varieties. However, there will be no crowd, merchants, or midtown Manhattan commotion until the performance returns to the Garden in 2022, pandemic permitting.

“It’s going to be strange,” Trotter said. Pat Trotter is an octogenarian, but she looks, talks, and acts like she’s in her forties. She vividly recalls her decades as a football fan (she saw Johnny Unitas, Eddie LeBaron, and Joe Montana in person and vividly remembers watching the Giants-Colts 1958 championship game with her father). And her teenage foray into journalism, writing high-school sports stories for a local newspaper in Virginia’s Tidewater region. Trotter was a long-distance runner for decades and is now a long-distance walker, always with a four-leg companion. She isn’t oppos to revealing the secret of her youth.

Trotter Was In Love With Him

Patricia Trotter fell in love with her first dog, Queenie, a mixed breed given to her by her parents while she was in fifth grade. She was soon volunteering at kennels, walking puppies, showing cocker spaniels, and spending every spare moment with dogs. Then, she came across some gorgeous dogs in a paddock own by a man in the area one day. They had a big build, a friendly disposition, a lush silver-grey coat, and a finely curled tail.

“They’re bear hunters,” the owner, who was, in fact, a bear hunter, explained.

The canines were Norwegian Elkhounds, and the young girl fell in love with them. Candy, her first Elkhound, was shown at the Tidewater Dog Show in 1950. And a year later, she mats and registers her first litter. Trotter made Westminster’s debut in 1961 and has become as much a staple as the pointer in the WKC emblem. She earns Best in Breed in 1969 and Best in Group. The following year, the first of an impressive 11 Group titles that never broken.

The Westminster Dog Show’s co-chair, David Haddock, believes that 350,000 handlers enter dogs throughout the event’s history. None have come close to Trotter’s achievements, which is all the more impressive given it Trotter is not. And it is not a professional breeder or handler (though she is married to one.)

Trotter Was A Fantastic Educator

Trotter, it turns out, has been a fixture in the Carmel Middle School classroom for the past 35 years. Not only did she enjoy teaching about colonial history because George Washington is “one of our country’s first great dog breeders. But also because George Washington is one of our country’s first great dog breeders.

She taught them about Thomas Jefferson, a fellow Virginian, Enlightenment thinkers, and the first stirrings of democracy. One of her classmates was Jimmy Panetta, a Democratic congressman from Carmel Valley, California.

“Mrs. Trotter was a brilliant teacher who had a lasting impact on many Carmel students. Including myself and my two older brothers,” Panetta said in an e-mail to USA TODAY. “She made it a point to teach us about civics and the pillars of our democracy, including how important. It was to stand up in class and our society. Many of the principles Mom taught me are still applicable to my work as a member of Congress today.”

Panetta remark on Trotter’s ability to discern the comportment and character of various breeds of dogs. It was probably aid by having to deal with rebellious eighth graders all those years. All Trotter knows is a virtual life as a dog lover, purebred owner, breeder, and handler. It is landing her in a rare position in her sport this weekend, and she is highly gratified.

“I think you could say it’s been a calling for me, and the calling started with my mixed-breed, Queenie,” Trotter explained.

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