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Spongebob Flowers, Theory Those Aren’t Flower Clouds Above Bikini Bottom

Spongebob Flowers

Spongebob Flowers, Theory Those Aren’t Flower Clouds Above Bikini Bottom: Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants has lovely flower clouds. One theorist thinks these flowers are clouds.

Spongebob Flowers, Theory Those Aren’t Flower Clouds Above Bikini Bottom

Spongebob Flowers

What Type of Cartoon This Is? | Spongebob Flowers

SpongeBob SquarePants is a classic cartoon that has been airing for over two decades. The Nickelodeon cartoon is stylized to evoke a summer vacation on an island.

Complete with an Easter Island head-shaped house. SpongeBob as well as Patrick risk their lives swinging on fish hooks in the series. Alternatively, the flower clouds in the “sky” could be a clever nod to the surface world.

The flower clouds are actually boat propellers. The idea seems outlandish at first, but when examined closely, it makes a lot of sense.

For starters, each flower cloud has three to five leaves. They all have the similar number of fins. Even if the clouds in the cartoon don’t look like propellers, science may have an answer.


A light refracting the propellers and bending the shapes could easily explain the flower clouds’ distorted shapes. Its colours could be explained as algae or a sun-reflected prism of light.

The flowers are also propellers because they are often spread out and huge compared to the show’s smaller characters.

A few episodes show that the propellers are more than just flowers, supporting this theory.

On occasion, the flower clouds are shown as solid objects that can be dangerous if mishandled. In “Karen’s Virus,” Plankton’s computer wife gets a virus that alters her personality.

Karen hurls a boat mobile at one of the flowers, causing it to fall from the sky. The SpongeBob film, Sponge Out of Water shows more flower clouds falling from the sky.

While boat propeller malfunction accidents are rare, they are possible.

The characters interactacts with the flower cloud propellers. They could theoretically cause them to fall off the boat and onto the ocean floor.

Theory | Spongebob Flowers

The theory is best illustrated in “SB-129,” when Squidward travels through time. In his attempt to escape the future, he ends up in the prehistoric era.

During walk out, the background is greenish-brown with no flower clouds. However, there were no boats or propellers back then.

The truth behind the flower clouds is still unknown. While SpongeBob SquarePants’ characters call them flowers.

There’s evidence that they’re more than meets the eye. Given how often boats and humans have interacted with the SpongeBob universe.

It’s possible that the lovely flowers in the sky are just distorted boat propellers. This would also explain the abundance of fish hooks for SpongeBob and Patrick.

The flower clouds are mostly irrelevant to the series’ many stories. But when they do appear in the storey, it’s harder to deny that they’re part of something bigger.

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