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Strategies That Insurance Companies Use To Manipulate Personal Injury Victims

Strategies That Insurance Companies Use To Manipulate Personal Injury Victims

Dealing with your injuries is a traumatic and overwhelming experience. You must deal with the finances for treating these injuries, as medical bills are exorbitant. In the midst of all this, if you come to know that your insurance company is trying to manipulate you into accepting less money, you might hit a breaking point. 

However, if you know in the period about the tricks that your insurance provider will use against you, your expediting dealing with them will be much less daunting.

Moreover, you must also make sure you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. The insurance company might try to mess with you; however, they will not do so with a professional lawyer as they know that your attorney will recognize their tricks. So click here to get in touch with an attorney today.

Strategies that insurance companies use to manipulate personal injury victims

Making an initial offer immediately after the accident 

This technique is quite common, and most insurance companies practice it to get out of paying the actual compensation amount to the victim. After your accident, you will get a call from the insurance company offering coverage for your injuries and damages sustained in the accident. Now you might think that it is so generous of the insurance company to call beforehand and offer you compensation, but here’s the catch. 

The insurance company wants you to think that way so they can come into your good books and convince you to accept their small settlement offer. This way, the insurance company will save much of its money without any hassle created by the victim. However, you must never accept the offer as it barely covers the losses and injuries you sustained in the accident.

Purposely denying or delaying your compensation. 

Another tactic used by insurance companies that many people are not aware of is to delay your claim and keep you waiting. There are two reasons why the insurance company intentionally denies your claim repeatedly. 

The first one is that you give up. Whenever you or your lawyer call, they will not revive your calls or respond to your texts or emails. 

This is because they want to push you to a limit where you get frustrated and give up your claim, which is when the insurance company can walk out scot-free. So even if there is a legal investigation, they can simply suggest that you did not claim compensation. 

Another reason is that every state has a statute of limitations that the insurance company is aware of. For example, if you have a 2-year limit, your personal injury claim automatically expires after those two years. After that, you are no longer eligible to file a claim for the injuries and losses you sustained in the accident.

3. Finding loopholes in your claims or putting the blame on you. 

The insurance adjuster’s primary role is to find loopholes in your claim and try their best to reduce/deny compensation. The insurance adjuster will work with various professionals from their end to ensure they find anything missing or try to prove that you were at fault for the accident too. Since your compensation amount will be reduced if you were found to be at fault for the accident, you will find the insurance company trying to blame the victim. 

Speak to an attorney

Insurance companies have years of experience in handling hundreds of personal injury claims. Therefore, they know how to make things work to protect the company’s money. It is essential to have a support of a legal team by your side as they can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and ensure you get a successful compensation.