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What Is A Game Trainer, An Exercise Routine Based On Video Game Characters

What Is A Game Trainer

What Is A Game Trainer, An Exercise Routine Based On Video Game Characters: Ever questioned how your favourite video game characters stay so fit? Fitness regimens for the Hulk, Lara Croft, Luke Skywalker, Mario, and Thor were developed in conjunction with the help of eBuyer and personal trainer Mike Harle. Do not attempt these at home, however.

What Is A Game Trainer, An Exercise Routine Based On Video Game Characters

What Is A Game Trainer


East Yorkshire-based electronics retailer eBuyer was established in 1999. Front row Gym in Yarm is owned and operated by Harle.
It’s not clear how much the Hulk needs to consume each day.

Does Lara Croft’s daily routine consist solely of scavenging through ancient crypts?

Where did he get the ability to jump so high and yet appear to have consumed an entire British Breakfast each and everyday?

After the events of Endgame, what steps did Thor need to take to regain his godly status?

The eBuyer team has long contemplated these questions and more. So we set out to find out exactly what some of our favourite gaming characters.

That would need to eat and do in order to maintain their shape when they aren’t saving the world.


The workout regimens vary widely in terms of how realistic they are to the average person. For Lara Croft, this is the case.

In order to defeat her adversaries, she must be “strong yet flexible, with plenty of athletic and gymnastic prowess.”

This means that one can build lean muscle mass without gaining weight.”

Working out with weights and machines isn’t an option for her because she prefers “bodyweight training that works large muscle groups simultaneously.”

eBuyer has Lara Croft down pat when it comes to food. “Lara is in a state of luxury. She can eat whatever she wants from wherever she wants because she has so much money.

As well as she can afford the best food from all over the world. She appears to have a silver spoon in her mouth.

Physical Feats

In comparison to Lara Croft, the Incredible Hulk is a much more formidable adversary. To maintain your weight, eBuyer says you would have to “eat a literal skip load of food each day.”

The best analogies for this situation are those who “pull lorries for fun.” “In order to perform the physical feats required in competition, strongmen must train their entire body.

Weightlifting exercises and short bursts of high-intensity cardio are all part of this regimen.

A tremendous amount of energy must be stored in the bodies of strongmen. “To maintain muscle mass, the average strongman requires at least 10,000 calories per day.

The Hulk’s needs are far greater than this. Protein shakes in the litres are the norm. As are copious servings of lean meats and a well-balanced diet of nuts, berries, and other fruits and vegetables. In other words, the Hulk would be chowing down on food all day.

We can’t all be as fit as your favourite video game characters, like Lara Croft or the Incredible Hulk. To maintain a healthy weight, all you really need to do is eat well and exercise regularly.

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