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Blush And Highlighter | How To Choose Your Best Shade

Blush And Highlighter | How To Choose Your Best Shade

Blush And Highlighter | How To Choose Your Best Shade: With so much emphasis on glowing skin these days, our Glow Time Ethereals Blush and Highlighter Sticks are making a big impression. However, many people want to know how to pick the best shades for them. The versatility and ease of use of this new collection are its highlights. Let’s have a look at some recommendations for choosing the right blush and highlighter shades, as well as how to apply blush, bronzer, and highlighter.

Blush And Highlighter | How To Choose Your Best Shade


Looks For Blush And Highlighter

There are many options for your blush and highlighter, regardless of the depth or undertone of your skin, but you may want to customize your look based on the effect you want to achieve. When you look at our new blush colours, you’ll notice distinct graduation of depth and warmth, allowing people with different skin tones to use lighter or deeper colours. Some will use the darker colours as bronzers, while others will use them as blush. The highlighters are your wild card because they can mix With much of anything. With anything, That manner in which you employ them. It will be decided by whether you wish a soft and muted look or an intense and saturated one. Let’s look at each blush colour to understand better how to utilize the Blush and Sticks combined with our Glow Time Ethereals.

Color Schemes For Blush And Highlighter

Chestnut Red Whit Gold Glow

If you have light skin, this colour will look great as a bronzer softly blended around the outer contours of your face. If you have darker skin, apply it to the outer cheeks and apples. It may appear overly saturated if you have an ashen complexion, so blend it out with the Blending Contouring Brush. It works well in conjunction with the Eclipse Glow Time Highlighter Stick.

Guava With Gold Glow 

This colour also As a bronzer however, it has a more saturated tone on lighter skin tones. It looks lovely on the apples of the cheeks on medium to deep skin tones, and it pairs well with the Eclipse Glow Time Highlighter Stick.

Soft Pink Brown With Gold Glow

If you have a medium skin tone, this colour will apply and blend easily leaving you with a rich, golden warm glow. This colour also works well as a bronzer for very fair skin tones like Ivory or Bisque and a subtle highlighter on the deepest skin tones. It complements the Solstice Glow Highlighter Stick well.

Peachy Pink With Gold Glow 

A soft, calm pink with a hint of glitter. It’s our most great tone for a fresh, flushed cheek on anyone with medium to fair skin, and it’s particularly flattering on brides. It also works in a darker tone, as well as a highlight. It complements the Cosmos Glow Highlighter Stick wonderfully.

Gold Sheen Glow 

This highlighter gives the skin the abundant appearance of pure gold poured over it. It looks good with the Aura and Glorious Glow Blush sticks on any skin tone and pairs. It is a gold gloss to it.

Pearlescent Pink Glow

This tint gives the complexion an ultra-modern gloss and is our coolest toned highlighter. It looks excellent with Mist or, for a more dramatic effect, with Aura Glow Time Blush Stick.

Iridescent Glow

This is our most versatile highlighter. It supplements every skin tone and can with any of our blush sticks. Combine it with Glorious for a high-contrast appearance or Ethereal Glow Blush Stick for a more subtle effect.

Applying Blush, Bronzer, And Highlighter

Another critical factor is how significant bronzing and highlighting you want to utilize. If you considered your appropriate support before you chose colours, this would be helpful:

The Blending Contouring Brush provides a gentle, evenly diffused application ideal for sheering out colours. So that is more saturate and require less blending. It’s ideal for adding darker tones as bronzers.

The Dome Brush creates soft, concentrated regions of colour with medium saturation. It’s a go-to for applying blush to the apple of the cheek and blending it out in circles.

The Foundation Brush will provide the most excellent precision for precise placement. It is an ideal instrument for applying Highlighter Sticks on the tops of the cheeks.

We also can put the sticks on your cheeks directly and mix them with your fingertips.

Because the Glow Time Ethereals are so diverse, it may be tough to choose your favorite. Our advice is to call our Beauty Advisor team and schedule a Virtual Consultation or to visit a professional near you to try them out in person. We know you’ll be pleasantly delighted by how lovely they are and how quick and straightforward they are to apply!

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