Home Money Mini Brands | These 10 Unexpected Mini Toys Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Mini Brands | These 10 Unexpected Mini Toys Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Mini Brands | These 10 Unexpected Mini Toys Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Mini Brands | These 10 Unexpected Mini Toys Make Great Stocking Stuffers: Mini brands have become a huge toy trend among kids in recent years. The allure of these toys is that they hide a collectible mini toy inside. They combine collectibility, blind unboxing, and ridiculously cute toys. Kids adore them, and they are the ideal size for stocking stuffers.

For schoolyard trading and travel, here are the cutest, most collectible mini toys on the market today.

Mini Brands | These 10 Unexpected Mini Toys Make Great Stocking Stuffers

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Lucky Fortune Collectible Bracelets

These bracelets are sure to be a hit with the coolest tween in your life. Not only is the bracelet a pleasant surprise, but so is the fortune cookie unwrapping. In addition to a lucky paper fortune, these bright and cheery bracelets can be found inside two fortune cookies.

Harry Potter Magical Capsules

Possibly, these toys were enchanted by the Reducio charm. Nope, it’s just a small set of memorabilia for fans of Harry Potter. It will feel like your child is waiting for their magical powers to be unleashed as each collectible character is unwrapped by your little one. Ten mystery characters, including Harry, Ron and Hermione as well as Snape and Malfoy are revealed in two packages.

Playfoam Pals

They hide in a ball of sensory-calming play foam because they’re fidgety and fun to be around. Never-drying foam can be used again and again. In addition to the two-toned foam and one collectible animal figure that come with each “party pod”.

Mini Mandalorian

These Funko Pop-style minis will be a hit with any family members who are fans of the Mandalorian franchise. All of your favorite characters from the popular series are on display in this collection, with 12 in total. There are three Grogus lurking in these packs, all in adorable poses, and we’re giddy at the prospect of getting our hands on one.

Present Pets

This blind box toy’s popularity stems from its resemblance to last year’s hot toy Present Pets, and it doesn’t disappoint in its mini size. Pull open the tabs on the box’s lid to reveal your new best friend, a tiny dog house. There is a lot to like about this galaxy-themed three-pack of pets. In addition to the adoption certificate and stickers, each pet comes in a carrier that doubles as a box.

Funko Snapsies

Popsies aren’t just for collecting. These adorable snap-together creatures are fun to collect, but even more fun to mix and match. Some of the characters in the game are interchangeable so once you start collecting, the real fun begins.
We’re excited for the upcoming Snapsies Gems 5-packs because you can pull them apart to create new and exciting mythical creatures. Pre-orders include five jewel-toned Snapsies to assemble, collect, and customize.

Smashers Ice Age

During the Ice Age, what would happen if dinosaurs survived? Discovering the answer is the goal of these fun and surprising toys. Crystal slime or stretchy snow are revealed when the eggs are broken open. You can find dinosaur parts by ripping and tearing through the frozen compounds. The more sets of dinosaur parts you have, the better this toy becomes.

Plush Crush

Despite their diminutive size, these mini stuffies are incredibly cuddly for kids who adore their plushies. You can display them on a backpack or Christmas tree during the holidays and then take them with you wherever you go with the little loops included!

The six-piece puzzle ball that each surprise toy comes in is just as fun as the surprise gifts themselves. Once the ball has been thrown, tossed, and crushed, the toy is revealed.

VIP Pets

Water activated make-up, temporary hair dye, and long, lush manes make these colorful pups a hit with any young lady who enjoys primping. They come in a mousse bottle-like container with a total of 12 to collect. Turn the bottle to reveal the pet and nine other surprises, including hair accessories and fashion pieces.

Cry Babies

One of the 12 collectible babies is hidden inside the mystery bottle house capsule, waiting to be unlocked. The capsule doubles as both a home and a portable storage unit. In addition to the high chair and bib, each baby is provided with a feeding bottle as well as eight other items. These adorable little dolls interact with you by drinking from their bottles and then crying to let you know they need your love and attention.

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