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Vin Diesel With Hair | Vin Diesel Initially Hair Onscreen

Vin Diesel With Hair | Vin Diesel Initially Hair Onscreen

Vin Diesel With Hair | Vin Diesel Initially Hair Onscreen: A lot of what we’ve come to expect from Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter appears to be in the film: nonstop action, outrageous heroics, and one-liners delivered with the gravitas of a 16th-century British actor at the Globe. What distinguishes this film from others is not its depiction of witches or hunting; rather, it is its depiction of hair. To be more specific, the hair on Vin Diesel’s head.

Vin Diesel With Hair | Vin Diesel Initially Hair Onscreen



Diesel, as we all know, has a beard that lasts as long as the day. A few scenes in The Last Witch Hunter, on the other hand, feature Diesel sporting hair, something he’s done only once or twice in his film career so far. To be clear, this isn’t Diesel’s first time working with a hairstylist or stylist. The Chronicles of Riddick is the first film in which our hero’s hair journey begins, and it releases in 2004. Diesel wears his hair long and snowy, and he has a full beard to go with it. Despite the fact that this ensemble would look fantastic in The Revenant, Vinny is going a little overboard here.

Do you know how when you return to your hometown, you immediately find yourself in the first all-you-can-eat sushi joint you come across, despite the fact that your mother is preparing dinner? Diesel finds it right here. He’s so thrilled to finally have hair that he doesn’t give a damn about the quality. It appears that this man is wearing some sort of bootleg Unagi on the top of his head.

He desired as much hair as possible in the shortest amount of time. Hair, on the other hand, cannot be rushed. With this in mind, it’s understandable that Diesel opted for a much more understated look in his next hair adventure, Find Me Guilty.

His Film

Granted, Diesel portraying a real person in this film, so it’s not like he completes freedom to choose his own hairstyle. However, the receding hairline comes close to working… This hair is the skeleton of a man who used to be extremely attractive in his youth. It has a distinct appearance. Even more importantly, Diesel’s hair brings him down to our level of familiarity with his larger-than-life persona in the film. The greying, receding hair provides our hero with a flaw—a relatable element that reminds us that Diesel is more than the high-octane action hero his last name suggests. Of course, that is exactly who he is in the film The Last Witch Hunter: Blood of the Witches.

Young Life As Bald

Are you short on the sides? Tall on top? ugly beard? To a witch hunter who has lived forever, Diesel’s hair has a Brooklyn coffee shop quality to it. You know what? I’m not angry with him. As long as I’ve spent my adult life as a bald action star, I’d want something with a modern look in my horror movie. However much Vin Diesel would like to walk into his barbershop and say, “give me the usual,” it does not look good on a man hunting witches.