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Small House For Family, Some Advantages For It

Small House For Family

Small House For Family, Some Advantages For It: Living in a small house has its own merit. If a person is feel stuck in your small house, consider the advantages it offers your family. Small-town living has many advantages. That are difficult to appreciate until you leave.

Small House For Family, Some Advantages For It

Small House For Family

Smaller homes save money | Small House For Family

A smaller home typically costs less, allowing you to spend more money on the things you really want. Not only will a lower mortgage payment save you money.

Our electric bill increased by about $200/month from our 900 to our 3000 square foot home. That adding up for big savings over the years you live there.

Knowing that you are living below your means is as important as having extra money every month. Living within your means protects you from major financial setbacks such as job loss or serious medical issues.

An Easy-To-Clean House | Small House For Family

Cleaning 900 square feet is easier than cleaning my 300 square foot basement apartment took about 7 minutes. Cleaning my 900 sq ft townhouse took 2 hours and 3000 sq ft home took 5 hours. Living in a small house means less cleaning!

That’s a lot of time saved when you clean your house once a week. A large vacuum up as well as down 3 flights of stairs. I hate it. The only other option is for buying a vacuum for each floor or never vacuum.

Larger homes encourage more “stuff,” which means more “stuff” to clean and maintain. We crammed our 3000 square foot home with stuff we needed.

Our smaller homes forced us to consider our purchases and walk away if we didn’t know where to put them.

Petite Houses Foster Relationships

Many families grew up in mansions, but I believe my upbringing in a small house (1000 square feet) brought my family closer. Living together in a small space teaches you to anticipate problems and solve them.

Our family jokes that “there’s nowhere to run” and it’s true. Being alone in a small house is difficult. You learn to compromise and solve problems as they arise.

A Smaller Home Encourages Simplicity

One of the biggest advantage of living in a small house is that you have less space to choose from. You don’t need everything we buy to fill that 3000 square foot home. You’ll be happier without it. Consider the items you use daily. Now add a few regular hobbies. That is what you need space for in your home.

Easy To Customise A Smaller Home

Furnishing a 3,000 sq ft home with vaulted ceilings, two living rooms, and four bedrooms can be very costly. Decorating can be even more costly! It’s difficult to create the cosy home you want without a lot of disposable income.

Having space set up and decorate exactly how you want it is easy in a smaller home. You can paint yourself, start small, buy quality items that last, and gradually upgrade.

You’ll have a magazine-worthy home in no time at a fraction of the cost of a larger home.

A large cosy home is possible, but I want you to realise that there are many blessings in your small home that you may overlook while wishing for a larger home. Were I you, I’d be envious of your smaller home.

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